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Cara on the cover of Dark Whispers

Cara is the main character in the Unicorn Chronicles series. As the granddaughter of Flickerfoot, the Unicorn Queen, (known as Ivy Morris in her human form) and a descendant of Beloved, she and her mother Martha Morris Hunter are the only two in whom the bloodlines of human and unicorn are merged.

Cara enters Luster on a mission to tell the Unicorn Queen (Arabella Skydancer) that "The Wanderer is weary." Upon meeting the dragon Firethroat, she receives the gift of tongues through a drop of the dragon's blood, allowing her to understand and speak all languages.

In The Last Hunt, Cara tries to evade the Hunters, and when she encounters Elihu, she gives up her humanity to become a unicorn herself. She receives heightened senses and special abilities that are necessary for her to successfully escape, such as a certain navigational system that allows her to vaguely determine where the other unicorns are, and the ability to move through the forest without making a sound. In her unicorn form, she assumes the name of Silverhoof.

Cara later comes face-to-face with Beloved, during the final battle, and when Beloved states that Cara is the only one who can kill her (being both unicorn and Hunter), Cara assumes that she must also be the only one who can heal Beloved. She does so successfully, and Beloved dies in peace.

Cara remains a unicorn, and her family stays with her in Luster.